CEP Council Officially Established
17 Jan 2017 10:46CEP Council Officially Established

Belgrade, 12 January 2017. The kick-off meeting of the newly-established CEP Council took place in Belgrade on 12 January 2017. The Council members include distinguished national and international experts, high-level representatives of the renowned national institutions, academia and international and multi-lateral organisations. Mr Nebojša Laza [ ... ]

From Slovak to Maltese Presidency of the Coun...
22 Dec 2016 16:58From Slovak to Maltese Presidency of the Council:  Passing the Torch in Times of Uncertainty and What for Enlargement?

A panel discussion “From Slovak to Maltese Presidency of the Council: Passing the Torch in Times of Uncertainty and What for Enlargement?”, organised by CEP and the EU Info Centre, was held on Tuesday, 20 December. The panel was moderated by Milena Lazarevic, CEP Programme Director, while the panelists included H.E Michaell Davenport, Head of t [ ... ]

“Achieving Excellence through Regional Cooper...
29 Nov 2016 14:36“Achieving Excellence through Regional Cooperation”: CEPS WeB Position Paper presented

Working breakfast on the topic Achieving Excellence through Regional Cooperation was held on 24th November in Belgrade, gathering members of the Think for Europe Network (TEN) as well as distinguished experts from the Regional Environmental Center (REC) and the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF). Participa [ ... ]

WeBER website is up and running!
17 Nov 2016 18:01WeBER website is up and running!

Starting from today, a brand-new website of our WeBER project (Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform - WeBER) is launched! Make sure to check it regularly for gaining insight into latest developments on public administration reform monitoring by the civil society in the Western Balkans. Also, [ ... ]

Involving NCEU Members in Preparation of Nego...
09 Nov 2016 17:37Involving NCEU Members in Preparation of Negotiating Positions for Chapters 1 and 28

Belgrade, 8 November 2016. Current developments and novelties within the negotiating chapter 1 – Free Movement of Goods, and chapter 28 – Consumer and Health Protection respectively, were presented at the meeting of the working groups of National Convention on the European Union. The meeting was chaired by Dušan Protić, CEP's Program Man [ ... ]

Milena Lazarević on the significance of admin...
08 Nov 2016 15:19Milena Lazarević on the significance of administrative and HRM capacities for IPA countries

CEP Programme Director Milena Lazarević spoke at the event The new instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II): Evaluating the EU’s main financial toolbox for the Balkans, held on 7 November in Brussels, Belgium. She talked about the significance of administrative and particularly HRM capacities for good IPA absorption and implementation. T [ ... ]

"Europe in Crisis: Thinking Forward"
28 Oct 2016 12:55

Belgrade, October 26, 2016. Brexit, the refugee influx, the rise of extreme political parties, and terrorism threats are only a few issues that have made the EU seem more vulnerable than ever. In cooperation with BEUM Association (Belgrade European Union Model), CEP organized a series of panel discussions titled Europe in Crisis: Thinking Forwar [ ... ]


Publications and Articles

Policymaking in the Western Balkans: Creating Dema...
29 Nov 2016 15:14Policymaking in the Western Balkans: Creating Demand for Evidence Beyond EU Conditionality

EU aspirants from the Western Balkans find themselves in a lengthy and demanding process of improving their policymaking systems. Sustainable results require not only robust tools and procedures, but also the involvement of all interested parties – civil society, media, interest groups and associations – into policymaking. However, policymaking [ ... ]

(Un)success of Public Administration Reform in Ser...
25 Nov 2016 14:55(Un)success of Public Administration Reform in Serbia

By: Vladimir Mihajlović and Milena Lazarević In the recently published Serbia 2016 Report made by the European Commission, at the first sight, Serbia receives a positive assessment in the field of public administration reform. An encouraging fact is that public administration reform has been labelled as an area with the progress achiev [ ... ]

Gender mainstreaming of Public Policies in Serbia ...
21 Nov 2016 15:41Gender mainstreaming of Public Policies in Serbia - a case for (light) optimism?

The persistence of gender inequality and continued discrimination of women has led to the adoption of the National Strategy for Gender Equality in 2016, which recognises gender mainstreaming as a tool for fighting discrimination through the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes. An essential element of the ne [ ... ]

(Non)critical European Commission: Analysis of 201...
11 Nov 2016 12:58(Non)critical European Commission: Analysis of 2016 Findings and Reporting Effects

As was the case in previous autumns, the European Commission (EC) held the professional public in the countries of the Western Balkans (WB) in anticipation for the results of its assessment of compliance and progress in the Serbia EU accession process. The Commission is changing its reporting schedule and the next report can be expected only in Spr [ ... ]

Visegrad Bloc and the EU’s Future: Grand Aspiratio...
13 Oct 2016 09:12Visegrad Bloc and the EU’s Future: Grand Aspirations behind Anti-Immigration Stances

Despite a considerably assertive and costly media campaign, the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban did not manage to convince the majority of Hungary’s citizens that the issue of migrants/refugees is the most critical “for their own future and the future of Europe”. The 43,4% turnout (out of which 6% of votes were blank/invalid) at the inf [ ... ]

Governing Social Inclusion: Europeanisation throug...
11 Oct 2016 08:57Governing Social Inclusion: Europeanisation through Policy Coordination

By: Kiera Wilkins, CEP intern at the time of writing In Armstrong's "Governing Social Inclusion: Europeanisation through Policy Coordination," one of the reoccurring topics is the ‘Open Method of Coordination’ (OMC). The OMC provides a focal point for those hoping to understand the current social policy coordination architecture.&n [ ... ]

Effects of the Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) on S...
23 Sep 2016 10:19Effects of the Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) on Strengthening of Administrative Capacities in the Western Balkans:  A Meta-audit of the European Court of Auditors

By: Miloš Đinđić and Sena Marić, Senior Researchers The European Court of Auditors recently published a special report on the impact of EU pre-accession assistance on strengthening the administrative capacity of the countries of the Western Balkans (WB). The general conclusion of the report is that the pre-accession assistance  [ ... ]



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