• If you are interested in more of our writing, see other publications we published either independently or in collaboration with relevant domestic, regional, and the EU partners. In this section we also publish independent reports on Open Government Partnership progress in Serbia in cooperation with the global OGP office in Washington, D.C.

    Youth Manifesto for Digital Space

    Behind extensive consultations in all capitals of the region, the joint conclusion of the Western Balkan youth, together with their counterparts across Europe, is that there is a dire need for the adoption of a regulation to better protect their right to free and safe digital space.

    Authors: Think for Europe

    The Future of the EU in the Western Balkans…

    The EU perspective toward the Western Balkans has remained undisputed, but especially since it endorsed accession for the region at the Thessaloniki Summit in 2003. Besides Serbia, where Euroscepticism is not a new phenomenon, the rest of the countries from the region have been gazing toward EU accession with strong backing from local populations.

    Authors: TEN

    Creating demand for reforms beyond EU conditionality

    *This paper was submitted to the call for papers on “What if the Balkans Never becomes Part of the EU?” and presented at the Belgrade Security Forum 2017.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Sena Marić | Miloš Đinđić

    Serbia and the EU

    Even though the EU is the largest single donor in Serbia since 2000, the majority of Serbian citizens are not aware of that fact, and more than two thirds have never heard of any EU-financed project. Instead, they perceive Russia, Japan, China and others as greater donors than the EU. Moreover, around 50% of the citizens are […]

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Sena Marić

    The Western Balkans and Its EU Integration

    This is the first structured attempt to provide an independent regional analysis and follow-up of EC country reports on the Western Balkan countries, on the basis of a harmonised methodology and unique approach by a group of CSOs from the region. The European Policy Centre provided the analysis of the EC’s Serbia 2015 Report.

    Authors: TEN

    EU-28 Watch Report

    European Policy Centre – CEP took part in this year’s edition of EU-28 Watch, the internet database compiling material on discourses on European policies in its Member States and six accession countries.

    Authors: Sena Marić

    TEN Background Paper

    Background paper was produced for the needs of implementing Regional Workshop of the Network of the EU Integration Offices in South East Europe within the GIZ Open Regional Fund (ORF) project.

    Authors: TEN
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