• CEP Discussion Paper is an analytical overview of a specific topic that CEP wants to actualise and encourage the professional and interested public to act. Through these publications, we seek to set the ground for dialogue and discussion with stakeholders, and, in that way, ensure that the ideas and recommendations contained in these publications are taken into account by the decision-makers. CEP Dialogue has a strong advocacy element that is derived from a fundamental analysis of the problem and expertise of its authors.

    Between Discretion and Professionalism

    The study identifies the key deficiencies of Serbian civil service system seen from the perspective of the accession process, with the particular focus on the recruitment policy.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Sena Marić

    CEP Presents Platform “What is the Problem?” to the New Government

    CEP has proposed to the new Government of Serbia a platform entitled “What is the Problem?” – an analytical summary document which concisely elaborates the structure of the main problem of policy making in Serbia, followed by certain more specific, sectoral problems which are to a great extent the consequence of a lacking systemic and systematic approach to policy making.

    Authors: CEP
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