• CEP Infographics represent a product of our wish to present relevant data and findings in a concise, simple, informative and visually attractive way. Our goal is to reach a broad spectrum of public and provide them a way to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

    Public service and human resource management

    What does the performance of tasks characteristic for civil service outside of the civil service merit-based regime look like? How open, transparent and fair is the recruitment into the civil service? How effective is the protection of senior civil servants’ position from unwanted political interference?

    Authors: CEP

    Public Finance Management

    How transparent and accessible are budgetary documents? How do governments communicate and cooperate with public about public internal financial control (PIFC)? How do supreme audit institution’s (SAI) communicate and cooperate with the public pertaining to its work? 

    Authors: CEP

    Strategic Framework of Public Administration Reform

    To see the infographic in full size, click here. Find out more about WeBER Project here.

    Authors: CEP


    Do Western Balkan countries have good freedom of information (FOI) laws and are they consistently applied? Find out in this WeBER Infographic!

    Authors: CEP
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