• Through all our research projects, we produce extensive and methodologically robust analyses of issues of relevance. These publications offer readers an in-depth background analysis of a wider issues of systemic nature or of sectorial character, as well as present them with relevant policy options and recommendations. Whether you’re a practitioner, decision maker, academic, or policy researcher, you will definitely find useful data or information on specific public policy issues, as well as evidence-based suggestions on how those issues can be resolved.

    Grey Book of Public Services

    The Grey Book of Public Services in Serbia is a product of the two-year project “Partnership for Public Administration Reform and Public Services in Serbia – PARtnerships“, The goal of the Grey Book is to present the most important results of conducted research and to offer a specific set of recommendations for improvement of public service delivery.

    Authors: Katarina Tadić | Milena Lazarević

    Openness and inclusiveness of public policy-making in Serbia

    This Study was created within the project “Partnership for Public Administration Reform and Public Services in Serbia – PARtnerships”. The project has focused on the services most frequently used by citizens within three different areas: the issuance of personal documents by the police administrative service, services provided by the primary health care units (community health centres), and the services of enrolling children in pre-school institutions and primary schools within the education area.

    Authors: Katarina Tadić | Milena Lazarević

    Towards a Smart Staff Retention Policy for the Sustainable EU Integration of Serbia

    Adequate administrative capacities are one of the crucial preconditions for a successful and sustainable membership of Serbia in the EU. However, experienced employees have been increasingly leaving their public administration jobs due to inadequate work conditions.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Dragana Bajić | Katarina Kosmina

    Policymaking in the Western Balkans

    EU aspirants from the Western Balkans find themselves in a lengthy and demanding process of improving their policymaking systems. Sustainable results require not only robust tools and procedures, but also the involvement of all interested parties – civil society, media, interest groups and associations – into policymaking.

    Authors: TEN

    Demanding Open Data in Serbia

    This study deals with open data demand created by civil society organisations (CSOs) in the context of the limited supply of open data in Serbia.

    Authors: Katarina Kosmina

    Performance Audit and Policy Evaluation in the Western Balkans

    From a conceptual perspective, performance audit and policy evaluation are very close fields, with highly converging goals, methods and tools.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Miloš Đinđić

    Civil Society and Government

    Up to this point, the issue of a systemic approach to civil society participation in the process of policy making in Serbia has not been resolved.

    Authors: Amanda Orza

    Getting results in Public Policy

    How to get the results in public policy? Is civil society in Serbia able to contribute by engaging in monitoring and evaluation processes?

    Authors: Sena Marić | Milena Lazarević

    Analysis – Towards a More Financially Responsible Government in Serbia

    Analysis “Towards a More Financially Accountable Government in Serbia: Implementation of Recommendations and Measures of the Serbian State Audit Institution” determines the state of play in the external audit system in Serbia in a methodologically comprehensive manner.

    Authors: CEP

    Civil Society and Citizens in the External Audit Process

    Supreme Audit Institutions are characterised by functional independence from the executive in exercising external control of budget expenditures and securing financial government accountability.

    Authors: Milena Lazarević | Nebojša Lazarević | Amanda Orza | Miloš Đinđić
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