• One of the main communication tools in our research work, CEP brief, primarily addresses decision-makers, but also the expert public. In our briefs, we focus on providing a comprehensive but succinct state of play and existing issues, and offering policy recommendations or policy options as solutions for improving policy areas we cover. Briefs can be stand-alone policy products or be published as an addition to more extensive research publications, such as policy studies.

    Local Finances and the Environment

    Serbia, therefore, must ensure existence of an effective system of financing environmental protection at the local level, as soon as possible.

    Authors: Dejan Maksimović | Stefan Šipka

    Financing Environmental Protection at the Local Level

    Serbia is facing serious challenges in the field of environmental protection and harmonizing its standards with those of the European Union.

    Authors: Dejan Maksimović | Stefan Šipka

    Financing of the Environmental Protection at the Local Level

    In order to ensure a healthy environment and full compliance with EU standards, Serbia has to face significant challenges in terms of financing environmental protection, especially at the local level.

    Authors: Stefan Šipka | Dejan Maksimović

    Implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment in Serbia in the EU Integration Context

    Within the EU integration process, Serbia has to comply with the minimum EU standards pertaining to environmental assessment of industrial and infrastructural projects, as well as planning documents.

    Authors: Stefan Šipka | Nebojša Lazarević | Miloš Đinđić | Dejan Maksimović
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